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Posted on 10-20-2016

The Importance of Neutering Your Pet at Carlsbad Animal Hospital

Our veterinarian at Carlsbad Animal Hospital offers neutering for dogs and cats. Neutering your pet helps reduce the risks of certain illnesses and can lead to better behavior.

cats and dogs

Benefits of Neutering Dogs and Cats with our Veterinarian in Carlsbad

Our veterinarian in Carlsbad recommends neutering all male dogs and cats. Neutered male dogs and cats do not contribute to pet overpopulation. The ASPCA estimates that 7.6 million cats and dogs are turned into shelters each year. Of those 7.6 million pets, 31 percent are euthanized.

  • Less Desire to Roam – Male dogs and cats will not have as much of a desire to escape your home and find a breeding partner, which reduces the risk of car accidents and altercations with other animals.
  • Reduced Risk of FIV and FeLV in Cats – Male cats are susceptible to FIV and FeLV because they are prone to getting into fights with other male cats over mates and territory when they escape their homes and yards.
  • Reduced or Eliminated Desire to Mark Territory – Intact dogs and cats have the instinctual desire to mark their territory. This can mean urinating on your walls, furniture, and carpets. Neutering your cat before he reaches sexual maturity can eliminate this behavior before it starts. Neutering pets after sexual maturity can also reduce the desire to mark territory.
  • Eliminated Risk of Testicular Cancer – Neutered males do not have any testicles after the surgery. This eliminates the risk for testicular cancer.

Neutering in Carlsbad with our Vet

Neutering in Carlsbad with our vet only takes a few minutes. After your pet’s surgery, you will be given aftercare instructions from our veterinarian on how to monitor the surgical site and look for signs of infection. We will also ask that you limit your pet’s activities and prevent him from licking or scratching the incision site.

To schedule your male pet’s neuter surgery, contact us at 760-729-4431.

Why did you have your pet neutered at our animal hospital?



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