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Posted on 11-01-2016

The Importance of Spaying Your Pet at Carlsbad Animal Hospital

Our veterinarian at Carlsbad Animal Hospital offers to spay for dogs and cats. Before you bring your pet in for this procedure check out the many reasons why spaying your pet is so important.  

cats and dogs

Benefits of Spaying Your Pet with our Veterinarian in Carlsbad

Our Carlsbad veterinarian recommends spaying your female dogs and cats. By spaying your cat or dog it reduces unwanted litters which help control the pet homeless population and helps eliminate crowding in shelters to avoid animals from being euthanized. There are several other benefits to spaying which include:

  • Spaying your pet will reduce the chances it will have uterine infections and certain cancers
  • You are providing a healthier, happier future for your dog or cat
  • Reduce issues when you cat or dog goes into heat
  • Eliminate complications during labor and delivery
  • Less desire to roam and reduce the risks of unwanted hazards such as fights or getting hurt

When to Spay Your Dog or Cat at a Veterinarian in Carlsbad

Carlsbad Animal Hospital, we spay animals once they get a certain age. For dogs, these can be spayed after eight weeks of age. Preferably you want to spay your dog before she goes into heat for the first time. As for cats we spay them as early as eight weeks old as well. Keep in mind that cats are able to have kittens when they are as young as four to six months old.

Contact our vet in Carlsbad to Schedule an Appointment Today!

Schedule your pet's appointment for spaying in Carlsbad as soon as possible to avoid unwanted litters. Contact us at 760-729-4431 today to schedule a visit to spay your dog or cat.

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