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Posted on 11-14-2016

Where to Go for Spaying in Carlsbad

Having female pets spayed will help keep them in good health. It also cuts down on the pet overpopulation problem, resulting in fewer pets that need homes. Knowing where to go for spaying in Carlsbad can help ensure that you have your female dog or cat taken care of. 

kittens and puppies

Our Vet in Carlsbad Offers Safe Spaying Services

When choosing a place to bring your pet for spaying, make sure you go to a qualified vet who will provide high-quality care. At Carlsbad Animal Hospital, our Carlsbad veterinarian offers safe and dependable spaying services for pets that are at least six months old. Keep in mind that pets older than six months can also be spayed. When you bring your female dog or cat to us for spaying, our vet in Carlsbad will remove reproductive organs to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy. This can result in having pets who are calmer and easier to handle. It can also lower the risk of serious health problems that typically affect the reproductive system, such as ovarian cancer. Spaying is one of the most commonly performed types of surgical procedures among pets. You can rest assured that our veterinary team will take great care of your pet before, during and after this procedure and provide you with the information you need on the recovery process. 

Contact Our Veterinarian in Carlsbad

If you have a pet that needs to be spayed, please contact our veterinarian in Carlsbad to make an appointment. We offer spaying and neutering services, as well as other veterinary services to keep your pets as healthy as possible. 

Have your pets been spayed or neutered?

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