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Posted on 11-14-2016

Where to Neuter Your Pet in Carlsbad

At Carlsbad Animal Hospital, we take great pride in being the area's trusted veterinarian in Carlsbad. We understand that your pet is a special member of your family, which is why we treat your pet with the compassionate care he or she deserves. We offer a wide range of veterinary services here in our office, but one of the most common procedures we offer is that of spay and neuter surgery.

puppy and kitten

What You Need to Know about Neutering your Pet at Carlsbad Animal Hospital

There are many reasons to consider neutering in Carlsbad if you haven't had the procedure done already. For starters, neutering your pet allows you to do your part in controlling the already over-crowded pet population. Furthermore, there are many health benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered. For instance, in female pets, this procedure can reduce the risk of many types of cancer (including mammary and uterine cancer). In male pets, this procedure can help avoid instances of territorial spraying, in addition to reducing a pet's natural instinct to roam and find a mate. In both males and females, spay and neuter procedures help to improve overall behavior and health.

Your vet in Carlsbad will be able to tell you whether your pet is ready to be spayed or neutered based on its age, weight, and overall health. The procedure itself is relatively routine, and most pets are able to return home the same day and return to their normal selves as the anesthesia wears off. From there, pet owners will just need to keep an eye on the incision site (if applicable) to ensure the pet isn't chewing, scratching, or biting at the area.

Request a Carlsbad Veterinarian Appointment

If your pet is not yet spayed or neutered, why not call and scheduling a Carlsbad veterinarian appointment today? You can reach Carlsbad Animal Hospital by contacting our office at (760) 729-4431. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure or about our practice in general.

Is your pet spayed or neutered?

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