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Microchipping FAQ from Our Carlsbad Animal Hospital

Carlsbad CA is home to Carlsbad Animal Hospital, a facility offering a variety of services that keep your pet healthy. Our treatments also help pet's overall well-being. We even take into consideration the safety of your pet by incorporating a microchipping service at our hospital.

Dog overlooking a city is lost.

What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is a form of identification for pets. Pet owners have it inserted into their pet by a veterinarian, so if the animal should happen to get loose, be chased out of the yard or just wonder off, he or she is able to be returned to the owner. The microchip is a transponder that's inserted into your pet's back. This microchip doesn't carry any electrical current. Instead, it utilizes radio frequency, which is safe for your pet. 

How is Microchipping Performed?

The process of microchipping your pet is conducted by a vet since it's imperative only a certain amount of force is used. Additionally, it must be implanted in the correct location for those who scan your pet to be able to bring up your information. The vet uses a process similar to an injection to insert the microchip. 

Is the Pet Giving an Anesthetic?

Implanting the chip doesn't require any anesthesia because it's not painful. Microchipping feels similar to receiving a vaccination for your furry friend. The process takes a matter of seconds, so any discomfort doesn't last long. 

How Does Microchipping Work?

After the microchip is inserted, your pet gets his or her very own identification number unique to him or her. The number is linked to your information. Therefore, if your pet should happen to get loose, a professional such as a veterinarian may scan the microchip and bring up your pet's ID number along with information used to return your pet to you. 

Should I be Concerned about Privacy?

No, only those who have a scanner are able to bring up your information. Furthermore, only individuals who are granted the privilege are able to use a scanner. For instance, only shelters and vet clinics are able to have a scanner. They're not able to pull up your information without having your pet there to scan his or her microchip. Additionally, the only information stored in the database is what you provide, so if you don't want anyone to have access to your address, you just don't provide it when up fill out or update your information with the manufacturer.

Do I Need to Replace the Chip?

The microchip is permanent. You won't ever have to worry about replacing it.  

What Are the Benefits of Microchipping?

Pet owners receive the benefit of always knowing their pet has identification. Collars and tags may fall off. The tag itself may become unreadable over time and need to be replaced. However, pet owners who have their pet microchipped will never have to worry about this. Microchipping your pet improves the odds of your pet returning home safely if they should ever get lost. 

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