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Pet Ear Infections Treated by Our Animal Hospital in Carlsbad

Dogs and cats can get ear infections from time to time. If these infections are not treated in time, they can spread deeper into the ear and increase the risk of hearing loss and other problems. If you need help for ear infections, Carlsbad Animal Hospital is here to help. 

Beagle puppy sad because he has an ear infection in Carlsbad.

Symptoms of Cat and Dog Ear Infections

Cat and dog ear infections cause similar symptoms that are relatively easy to detect. If your pets exhibit any of the following symptoms, you should bring them to our Carlsbad veterinarian for treatment. Common symptoms of ear infections in pets include:

  • Redness inside the ear
  • Swelling inside the ear
  • Foul odor coming from the ear
  • Pawing or scratching the ear
  • Head shaking
  • Itchiness in the ear
  • Discharge from the ear
  • Scaly skin inside the ear

Causes of Ear Infections in Pets

Dogs and cats can end up getting ear infections for many different reasons. When you bring your pets in for treatment, our veterinarian will fully evaluate their condition and determine the cause of these infections. Pets can get ear infections from the following causes:

  • Bacteria, viruses, fungus, and yeast
  • Allergies to food or allergic skin disease
  • Reactions to medications
  • Ear mites, especially in puppies
  • Foreign objects in the ear canal
  • Underlying medical condition, such as an autoimmune disease or hereditary condition
  • Moisture in the ear canal, such as after bathing 

Ear Infections Treatment in Carlsbad

After discovering the cause of your pets’ ear infections, our Carlsbad veterinarian will come up with a treatment plan. This ear infections treatment plan will depend on the cause of the infection and whether or not there are any other problems that have occurred from the infection. Some dogs and cats end up needing to take antibiotics in order to clear up an ear infection and ensure that it heals correctly. If your pets do need antibiotics, it is important to finish the entire dose to prevent these infections from coming back. Some pets need treatment for ear mites, which involves medication to kill these parasites. For ear infections caused by allergies, your pets will need to have their ears cleaned. They might also need medication to ease their symptoms. 

Keep in mind that treatment for ear infections can take several days to be fully effective. In some cases, ear infection treatments can take about a month to work. Some pets experience recurring infections, which can happen if a full course of antibiotics or other medications is not taken. 

Preventing Ear Infections

You can prevent ear infections in your pets by keeping their ears clean and dry on a regular basis. Be careful not to go deep inside their ears when you clean them since this can hurt their eardrum. 

Contact Our Local Veterinarian in Carlsbad for More Information!

If your pets have ear infections, please contact Carlsbad Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment at 760-729-4431. Our veterinarian in Carlsbad will examine your pets and recommend a course of treatment to clear up these infections