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Four FAQs about Pet Ultrasounds from Our Carlsbad Veterinarian

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If your pet is sick or having odd symptoms, your veterinarian might recommend a veterinary ultrasound in order to get a proper diagnosis. If your veterinarian in Carlsbad recommends one, you'll be glad to know these noninvasive tests are perfectly safe and completely painless for your pet.

Why Does My Pet Need a Veterinary Ultrasound?

An ultrasound will give your Carlsbad vet an opportunity to look inside your pet's body. During this type of test, it will enable your veterinarian to see your pet's soft and fluid-filled organs such as the heart, liver, kidney, and bladder. Some of the symptoms that might warrant an ultrasound include:

  • Bloodwork that comes back abnormal
  • Chronic diarrhea or vomiting
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Possible pregnancy
  • Chronic infections

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and your pet will not feel any pain.

How Do I Prepare My Pet for an Ultrasound at the Animal Hospital?

It will be easy to prepare your pet for a veterinary ultrasound. Since the organs will be more difficult to see if your pet has a full stomach, your veterinarian will tell you not to feed your pet after a certain time at night. While your pet should fast from food, they can still drink water. Another thing that helps to see the organs better is a full bladder. Some vets recommend not letting your pet urinate within three hours before the test. Since fur can obstruct ultrasound waves, your pet will most likely need to shaved on the area the ultrasound is being performed. Your pet's fur will grow back in three to four weeks. If your pet is overly anxious, sedation may also be necessary.

What Type of Equipment is Used?

If you have concerns about your pet's safety during an ultrasound at the Carlsbad Animal Hospital, you will be reassured to know we use state-of-the-art equipment including the most advanced diagnostic technologies. The advantages of using this advanced technology for a veterinary ultrasound Carlsbad include: 

  • A more detailed view of your pet's organs
  • Less exposure to radiation
  • The ability to immediately relay files to other practitioners

Since there is no need to wait for film to develop, a diagnosis can be made more quickly and treatment can begin sooner. Even with the most advanced technology, some parts of the body aren't viewable via ultrasound. These include mineralized structures like bones or air-filled organs such as lungs.

What Happens after the Ultrasound is Performed?

Sometimes a mass is discovered on one of your pet's organs. While many times these turn out being completely benign, your Carlsbad vet will do further testing just to make sure. Following the ultrasound, your vet in Carlsbad will take your pet's medical history, symptoms, and the results of the ultrasound to see if any further testing is needed.

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