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Our Carlsbad Veterinarian Treats Many Skin Disorders

Dogs and cats can get a wide range of skin disorders that cause rashes, itching or other symptoms. If these disorders are not treated, they can lead to infections and other problems that lower your pets’ quality of life. At Carlsbad Animal Hospital, our Carlsbad veterinarian offers treatment for many skin problems in pets.

Dog treated from his skin disorders in Carlsbad.

Types of Skin Disorders in Carlsbad Pets

Pets can develop many different skin problems. Some of the most common types of skin disorders in pets include the following:

  • Atopic dermatitis - Pets who have allergies to environmental allergens, such as pollen, can get this type of skin problem. Their skin might get itchy and irritated when they’re exposed to these kinds of allergens. 
  • Flea allergies - Pets with flea allergies can get extreme itchiness where they have been bitten. If allergies are severe enough, pets might chew and bite at the irritated skin, raising the risk of an infection. 
  • Food allergies - Pets who have an allergy to certain types of food can develop itchy skin or a rash. 
  • Hot spots - Mites and bacterial infections can cause what is known as hot spots. These spots are sores that have a reddish appearance and a sticky feeling. If they are not treated, they can lead to a serious infection. 
  • Itchiness - Pets with dry skin can experience persistent itchiness that causes them to scratch excessively at the affected area. This can lead to bacterial infections that require antibiotics. 
  • Hair loss - Pets can lose hair from certain kinds of mites, such as Demodex mites, or from an underlying health condition, such as thyroid problems. 

Treatments for Hot Spots and Other Skin Disorders

Our veterinarian in Carlsbad examines pets before deciding on a form of treatment for hot spots and other skin disorders. The type of treatment pets need depends on the type of skin problem they have. Pets with skin problems caused by allergies can find relief from these symptoms by avoiding exposure to food or environmental allergens as much as possible. This is generally harder to do for environmental allergens, so these pets might benefit from allergy shots instead, especially if they have severe allergies. For flea allergies that cause skin problems, using a flea preventative product can help lower the risk of allergy symptoms.

For hot spots, pets usually need treatment with topical hydrocortisone to prevent these sores from getting worse. Pet owners need to stop their pets from being able to lick or chew at the treated areas, so they can heal. 

For itchiness and irritation from dry skin, pets typically improve with the use of dog shampoos and other products that provide moisture. Changes in diet might also help reduce the risk of dry skin. 

Contact Our Veterinarian in Carlsbad to Schedule an Appointment Today!

If your pets have skin problems, please contact Carlsbad Animal Hospital for an appointment at 760-729-4431. Our veterinarian in Carlsbad will examine your pets and ensure that they get the right treatment for skin disorders.