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Improving Pet Health with Pet Wellness Plans at Carlsbad Animal Hospital

Taking a pet into your home means that you need to plan for the possible complications that can arise. Your pet's health depends on your decisions regarding treatment, preventative care and managing unexpected emergencies that inevitably arise when a pet gets sick. Our pet wellness plans at Carlsbad Animal Hospital will help you prepare for potential and inevitable health concerns so that your pet stays in the optimal health for as long as possible.

What is a Wellness Plan?

happy dog being happyA wellness plan is a type of program that helps keep your pet healthy as long as possible by preparing for the worst case situations.

Generally, a plan helps pay for common health practices, like shots, routine examinations and dental cleaning. It also helps veterinary professionals at the Carlsbad Animal Hospital identify potential health concerns before it results in a high-cost treatment plan. A wellness plan is essentially a form of gradual pre-payment for a dog or cat's healthcare costs so that you can budget examinations and basic healthcare measures.

Planning a Healthy Life

The health of a pet dog or cat starts during the first few weeks of life. At that time, a pet owner wants to bring a puppy or kitten into the veterinary clinic for basic examinations and appropriate shots or medications. For example, a pet owner wants to start a puppy with medication against heart worm or other parasites that can cause harm over time.

Start planning a healthy lifestyle for a pet by beginning a wellness plan early in the animal's life. Kitten and puppy wellness plans start from around the time a pet is 6 to 8 weeks old until he or she is roughly 1 year old. The wellness plan pre-pays for examinations, basic preventative care and advanced plans also help with the cost of spaying or neutering a pet.

After the first year of life, pet owners help maintain pet health through regular examinations and check-ups as well as booster shots and similar treatments. Depending on the wellness plan, pet owners can continue with a basic or advanced plan or obtain a new plan based on the age of the pet. Ideally, pet owners want to keep a pet in the wellness plan for as long as possible to help budget the cost of treatments, exams and basic healthcare maintenance. Pet wellness plans carry forward until a pet passes away or a pet owner decides to remove a pet from the plan.

Keeping a dog or cat healthy for as long as possible starts with planning and preparing for the possible health concerns that can arise. Regular check-ups and healthcare treatments ensure that any problems are caught early so that a pet owner can help prevent severe health problems. For more details about pet wellness plans from the Carlsbad Animal Hospital, contact us today at 760-729-4431!