Carlsbad Veterinarians Keep Your Pets Healthy and Active

At Carlsbad Animal Hospital, our veterinary care team is passionate about helping the special pets in your life stay healthy and active for years to come. Our Carlsbad veterinarians – Dr. Dennis Derieg, Dr. Rachel Kagan, Dr. Tom Livezey, Dr. Candace Runyan, Dr. Nicole Stanclift – are proud to continue the legacy of compassionate, experienced care that’s been a hallmark of our practice since its founding in 1969. Today, our veterinary team provides comprehensive wellness care, pet surgery, animal dentistry and cutting-edge treatments like laser therapy in our state-of-the-art 4,000 sq. foot veterinary hospital. We cherish the special bond we form with every one of our pet patients and treat them like the special family members they are!

Special $1 New Patient Exams and In-Home Visits for Emergency Care

Our Carlsbad veterinarians know that prevention is the best medicine. While it may never be possible to prevent every emergency, early diagnosis and treatment helps lower the cost of care and improve a pet’s quality of life. That’s why we are so passionate about the importance of routine wellness exams. We offer puppy and kitten wellness plans as well as adult canine/feline wellness plans. Our routine wellness care services include dental exams, vaccinations, and nutrition/weight management. With annual exams and preventive care, our veterinarians help keep your pets healthy and active for life.

Carlsbad Animal Hospital also offers a number of alternative treatments. Many pets with chronic health conditions, like arthritis, benefit from a combination of care that integrates these holistic therapies into a pet’s life. We provide complete allergy and dermatology treatments, weight loss and nutritional counseling, and routine pet surgery like spay/neuter, laser therapy, and advanced surgical procedures and no matter your pet’s health needs, our veterinary team will be with your pet every step of the way.

Carlsbad Community Outreach: Shelter Pets & Rescue Groups

We proudly partner with many local rescue organizations including the English springer spaniel rescue and the Southern California Rescue. We also work in conjunction with the FACE Foundation, a non-profit organization providing financial assistance for pet owners who are unable to cover the full cost of their pets’ emergency medical care. Many sick and injured pets are abandoned because owners are unable to cover their medical bills. By partnering with FACE, we strive to ensure all pets’ critical and emergency veterinary care needs are fully met.

Open seven days a week, Carlsbad Animal Hospital strives to make pet care convenient, affordable and accessible for everyone. Our veterinarian also makes house calls. If your pet is injured or sick and cannot be transported to our animal hospital, we will bring the hospital to you!

For more information about our special $1 new patient exams, our work with local rescue groups, or our cutting-edge holistic veterinary services like companion animal laser therapy, call us today at 760-748-1046!