Meet the Carlsbad Animal Hospital Care Team

Molly Wescoat

Practice Manager and Co-Owner

Growing up in Maine, Molly’s passion for animal care started when she was 13 and volunteered at the local animal shelter. Even through college, she would go back and work there in the summers. She never left the veterinary field and is now the Practice Manager and Co-Owner of Carlsbad Animal Hospital!

After college, Molly moved to San Diego and got a job at a small animal practice. She moved on to another veterinary hospital in 1995 and stayed there as a Veterinary Technician for ten years—she immediately knew she wanted to do this work for the rest of her life. In January 2004, she joined the team at Carlsbad Animal Hospital. She ensures that everything at the clinic runs smoothly, and is constantly coming up with ways to help the team do their job better.Molly is the proud parent of two Scottish teriers, Reggie Lamar and Wheezy, whose shenanigans always make Molly laugh. When she’s not at work, Molly enjoys being outdoors, especially hiking. She also loves cooking, and says she rarely uses a recipe!


Veterinary Technician

Nicole grew up in New York and moved to San Diego 10 years ago. After working at another animal clinic for several years, she came to Carlsbad Animal Hospital and now helps pets and their owners daily as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

As a Tech, Nicole loves learning new things about veterinary medicine from her fellow staff and the experienced veterinarians. She says she loves blood, guts, and all things medical!Nicole was recently married to her husband Stu, who owns a bike shop. They have two dogs: Biscuit, a scruffy terrier that Nicole rescued as a puppy, and Zoey, a loving, sweet dog who just wants to be petted. Nicole is a New York Yankees fan and also enjoys unicorns and the color pink.


Veterinary Technician

Victor grew up on a ranch in Mexico. There, it was part of everyday life to care for animals, so his passion for their health came quite naturally! Now he helps pets daily as a Veterinary Technician.

Victor knew some of the doctors at Carlsbad Animal Hospital for many years before coming to work here—he arrived eight years ago and has enjoyed every minute! He continues to be inspired by the quality medicine practiced at the clinic, and enjoys continually learning and educating himself.Victor is married to his beautiful wife, and they have two grown sons. The family has two Chihuahuas with quite independent personalities. Victor says his family is his greatest achievement, and enjoys helping family and friends back home with their own animals when he goes back to visit!


Veterinary Technician

Michelle grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where the beautiful scenery influenced her love of nature and all things outdoors, including animals! Now she cares for pets daily as a Veterinary Technician at Carlsbad Animal Hospital.

Michelle’s veterinary career started at a small animal hospital in Virginia. She then moved to Carlsbad and started working at the clinic in 2007. After working in Seattle for about a year, she returned to Carlsbad and resumed her role at the hospital! The thing she enjoys most about her job is the amazing people she works with, as well as the constant education she receives.At home, Michelle has two dogs of her own: Ammo, a four-year-old Boston terrier, and Jade, a four-year-old boxer who loves giving kisses. When time permits, Michelle enjoys running, a more recent hobby of hers. She recently completed the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon in Disney, her first marathon race!


Customer Service Represenative

Ever since she was a little girl, Carolynn would bring home stray animals and take care of them as best as she could. Her passion for pet care never wavered—she knew that a career in the animal healthcare field would be perfect for her! Now Carolynn happily helps pets and their owners every day as one of Carlsbad Animal Hospital’s Customer Service Representatives.

Born and raised in San Diego with her parents and three siblings, Carolynn was exposed to veterinary medicine early on in life; her mother’s side of the family lives in South Carolina, and many of them work as large-animal veterinarians. Carolynn is thrilled to be starting her own journey in animal care here at Carlsbad Animal Hospital—she joined the team in April of 2015 and especially likes getting to know clients and hearing fun stories about their pets. She also gets immense satisfaction from being able to put a nervous animal at ease!In her free time, Carolynn enjoys spending time outdoors, running, hiking, and cuddling on the couch with her lovable cat, Rocha.


Veterinary Technician

Amy grew up in Oregon with her parents and three younger sisters. She eventually moved to California in 1986. Amy came to Carlsbad Animal Hospital in March 2016 and loves being part of our team! She first decided to enter the veterinary field after working at the Humane Society animal shelter as an Adoption Coordinator for 11 years. She also has worked with the SPCA as a Humane Officer. During her time at the Humane Society, she had the opportunity to take an injured dog to the ER for the first time. Since then she knew she wanted to become a Vet Technician. Amy completed her RVT at Mt. San Antonio Community College and continued on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science.

Her family consists of her partner Vance, her daughter Cheyenne and their two dogs, Rylee the Siberian Husky and Koda the Yorkshire Terrier. Amy loves to go hiking with her partner, Vance and their husky. They enjoy experiencing nature and living life to the fullest.


Surgery and Dental Technician

Gabrielle’s love of animals started when she was a little girl and loved playing with her neighbor’s dog named, Tracy. Tracy would give her kisses and perform tricks. Since then she knew she wanted to work with animals. Gabrielle started her professional career interning at a Veterinarian Hospital in junior high and later attended college to earn a degree in Animal Science. Now long after she received her degree she went back to school to become a licensed Veterinary Technician.

Gabrielle moved to Vista from Ramona received a job as a Surgery & Dental Technician at Carlsbad Animal Hospital. She loves listening to pet owner’s stories and the joy their animals bring to their families.  She continually wants to learn and enjoys seeing animals recover.

She has a baby girl named Belle and a cat named Nala. Nala enjoys running around the house and being fed table scraps and chicken from Bella. Gabrielle enjoys volunteering with high school students and being able to impact their lives as well as be a role model.


Registered Veternary Technician

Melinda grew up in Riverside, California. She has always enjoyed having animals around, so a career in the veterinary field has always been a lifelong goal. Melinda started her career path as an RVT by attending UC Davis to focus on animal biology. She continued her studies at Carrington College in Sacramento, where she received an Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology.

Melinda loves learning about the care of animals and soaks up information like a sponge. She enjoys interacting with the patients and staff at Carlsbad Animal Hospital, understanding how crucial it is to gain the trust of animals to properly care for them. She enjoys her days at work by focusing her energy on ensuring the patients are comfortable and able to heal properly. Melinda has three dogs – Gaz, Louise, and Mary Jane; a 4.5 abll python named B.A.F.O., a tarantula, three fire-bellied toads and a pigmy goat. She enjoys taking her dogs to the beach, spending time with family and making jewelry.


Veterinary Technician

Killstina’s love of animals stems from childhood. After nursing a wild bird back to health at 11 years of age, she developed a special connection to animals and has always been concerned about their care. As a teenager, her first job was a Kennel Assistant at a veterinary hospital, which helped fuel her decision to further her knowledge in the industry. In 2012, she received an Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology and has been working as a Veterinary Technician since.

Killstina loves working at Carlsbad Animal Hospital and loves the science behind the medicine. She appreciates working with the staff and their care and treatment of animals. Not one to leave an animal in need, she adopted a 16lb mutt from another animal hospital, who is now one of her best friends. Killstina also loves music and art, and plays the violin, viola and bass.

Nikki Fletcher

Veterinary Technician

Jordan Guzevich

Veterinary Technician

Stephanie Kane

Veterinary Technician