Veterinary Services

Keeping your cherished pet happy and healthy, and helping to extend his or her life is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s why at Carlsbad Animal Hospital we’ve put together a comprehensive menu of services, all of which have been designed to support all of your companion’s health care needs, from birth through the golden years. Whether it’s a simple wellness check, an advanced diagnostic test, a complex surgical procedure or a nutritional counseling session, we’re here to provide your pet with whatever he or she needs, at the precise moment it is needed.

At Carlsbad Animal Hospital, we use a multimodal approach to veterinary medicine, because we believe that when it comes to the care of your special friend, the more choices you have, the better the chances of a long, happy life. To that end, in addition to our extensive list of traditional medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical services, we also offer an array of alternative treatment methods, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and laser therapy. We also offer convenient house call services so that those pets that cannot make it in to our clinic, for whatever reason, can still receive the outstanding care and service they deserve. Call us today at 760-729-4431.

In short, we’ve got everything you’ll ever need to keep your pet happy and healthy throughout his or her lifetime, including: