House Calls

There are plenty of reasons why responsible pet owners cannot bring their pets in to be treated at a veterinary clinic. Perhaps it’s due to lack of transportation or mobility issues. Maybe you feel your pet is too ill to be transported or suffers from vet visit anxiety. Perhaps it’s because you have several pets, and keeping up with multiple appointments is overwhelming. Or, maybe it’s just that your schedule is too jam-packed to fit trips to the vet in.

Whatever the reason, at Carlsbad Animal Hospital, we believe that every pet deserves the best available care, regardless of whether it’s received in our office or delivered to their door, which is why we’re happy to offer convenient house call services. If you can’t bring your animal friend in to see us, we’ll bring that care right to you!

Pets benefit from house call services because they are able to receive care in an environment where they feel most relaxed and at ease. For many animals, the sights, sounds and smells of a veterinary clinic can trigger stress and anxiety, making trips to the vet a negative experience for everyone. What’s more, certain health issues can be exacerbated by these feelings of stress, making it difficult for the vet to accurately evaluate the health of the animal. With house calls, we deliver care right in the comfort of your home, reducing stress and making medical evaluations much more effective.

Pet owners benefit from house call services because they save so much time and aggravation. No more rounding up your pet, trekking them to the clinic, waiting around to be seen, spending time in the exam room, settling up at the reception area and then making the trip back home with your pet. House call visits begin the moment we arrive at your home, and are much more efficient since there are fewer distractions. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of having the doctor’s undivided attention so you can ask questions and bring up any concerns you may have.

At Carlsbad Animal Hospital we are able to perform most of our regular services on-site through our house call services, including wellness exams, vaccinations, sick calls, diagnostic testing and much more. If you think you and your pet could benefit from our house call services, give us a call today at 760-729-4431 to find out more!