Oral Surgery at Carlsbad Animal Hospital

When a beloved family pet shows signs of periodontal disease or other major problems with their teeth, it is important to go through an appropriate treatment program. In some cases, a dog or cat will require an oral surgery to remove or repair damaged teeth. Recognizing when to seek treatment for oral health concerns and making appropriate adjustments to a pet’s lifestyle early can help prevent more complicated treatments and help with the long-term oral health of a pet.

Regular Treatments for Oral Hygiene

According to the American Veterinary Dental College, periodontal disease is the most common oral health concern in adult dogs and cats. The gradual build up of plaque and tartar on the teeth increases the risk of infections and injuries to the gums. Over time, the teeth show signs of discoloration, damage from cavities and potential problems near the gums. In the final stages of the disease, dogs and cats can have bleeding sores on the gums, redness or swelling, as well as damage to the teeth.

Regular treatments for oral hygiene with a veterinary doctor and dentist at the Carlsbad Animal Hospital can help reduce the risk of severe forms of periodontal disease and get the tartar under control before it leads to swelling, sores or infections. When the infections develop, a veterinary doctor can provide appropriate treatments and oral surgery to remove or repair damaged teeth.

Tooth Extractions

While periodontal disease is a common oral health concern for pets, it is not the only oral surgery to consider. In some cases, a dog or cat can damage the teeth while chewing on a bone or other hard objects. Otherwise, plaque on the teeth can cause decay or cavities that gradually worsen without treatment.

When a dog or cat breaks a tooth or shows signs of pain while eating, he or she might need a tooth extraction. Our veterinary doctors can remove the damaged tooth so that it no longer causes pain and has a low risk of causing more complicated health concerns. A broken, cracked or decayed tooth increases the risk of an infection, so removing the tooth helps protect the gums and other teeth in dog or cat’s mouth.

Oral Surgery

In the worst case, a pet requires an oral surgery for more complicated dental procedures. The goal of oral or dental surgery is repairing damages to the teeth or gums that can cause more extensive health concerns in the future. For example, removing teeth, repairing damaged or broken teeth or even treating certain forms of oral cancer from a dog or cat’s mouth will help protect a pet from further health problems. The best treatment for a specific pet depends on the needs of the animal and the severity of the oral health concerns.

Oral health plays a key role in the overall health of a pet. When problems like periodontal disease or a broken tooth occur, talk to our professional veterinary doctors at Carlsbad Animal Hospital to learn more about treatment options. Call us today at 760-729-4431.