Special Offers from Carlsbad Animal Hospital

Carlsbad Animal Hospital is proud to care for the pets of Carlsbad, CA. From the first wellness visit through all the stages of adulthood, Carlsbad Animal Hospital wants to make sure that your family’s pets are happy, healthy and well-cared for.

When bringing a new pet into your home, you’ll want to find a veterinarian that you can assure will provide the kind of care that will help ensure a long and healthy life. We’re here to ease the transition as you and your pet adjust to a new life together. Below is just a little bit of information on what we have to offer.

Our pet wellness exams offer the best in preventative care. Each wellness visit includes a comprehensive physical exam wherein we exam your pet’s teeth, fur, eyes, ears, musculoskeletal condition and vital signs. During wellness exams, we educate our clients by showing them the best methods for caring for their pets. We also offer preventative care and check for common conditions so we can catch illness and disease at an early stage.

Every dog and cat benefits from vaccinations because they save lives and protect your pet from terrible (and even deadly) diseases. Not only will our veterinarians administer all the core vaccines, they’ll also recommend any other applicable vaccines and track the timing of the dosages to ensure that your pet is always up to date.

Pets need dentistry services just like people. Our veterinarians will check your pet’s teeth during each exam. When your pet is in need of a dental cleaning, our veterinarians will inform you so that you can make an appointment. During routine cleanings, we check for dental diseases and recommend procedures as necessary.

Most importantly, we will advise you on the necessary steps to take to help ensure your pet’s dental health. Whether your pet needs a special diet, teeth-cleaning toys or a daily tooth brushing procedure, we’ll help you help your pet.

All pets need nutrition and weight management. Feeding your pet the right foods and monitoring your pet’s weight is an important part of keeping him or her healthy. We offer nutrition and weight management services to help you keep your pet at an optimal body weight.

Sometimes pets are too injured or sick to make it to the clinic. For times when pet owners have no transportation and no way to get their pet to the animal hospital, we offer house calls.

Make your pet a part of our family. Call Carlsbad Animal Hospital today to find out more! Make an appointment with our talented and caring veterinarians. We look forward to having the opportunity to give your pet the care it deserves.