A Microchip Can Save A Pet’s Life

If your pet went missing, does your pet have the proper identification to ensure a successful reunion? Nine out of 10 pets without a microchip are never reunited with their owners: don’t let this happen to your pet! Pet microchipping is the safest, most cost-effective way to ensure a happy reunion with a lost or separated pet.

When your pet is microchipped, this chip is encoded with a unique serial number. This serial number is part of a secure database with your contact information. Any veterinary hospital or shelter can scan your pet to check for the serial number and securely contact you for a happy reunion. Our Carlsbad Animal Hospital recommends microchipping every pet. Not sure whether your pet is microchipped? Contact our veterarian today to learn more and schedule a microchipping appointment: 760-729-4431.

Why Microchipping Matters

Dog and cat microchipping is a simple, straightforward procedure. A microchip is a tiny chip the size of a rice grain (12 mm) that is encoded with a unique serial number. At Carlsbad veterinarian we will implant the microchip into your pet’s skin right between the shoulder blades. This is the standard spot for all pets to be microchipped. The procedure is fast and does not cause your pet any discomfort. Then, should your pet become lost, any animal hospital or animal shelter can scan for this chip. Carlsbad Animal Hospital or the local shelter will use a secure access code to check the central microchip registry. Your pet’s code will be matched up with your contact information, enabling a happy reunion with your missing pet.

Without a microchip, an estimated 90 percent of lost pets will never be reunited with their owners. Worse, many pets end up in overcrowded animal shelters. Beloved family dogs and cats are tragically euthanized every year due to overcrowding and the inability to reunite a lost pet with its owner.

Microchipping Is More Effective Than Tags

Do not assume that a collar or dog tag is sufficient for identifying your pet. Tags and collars can fall off or become lost. Additionally, tags are not always up to date. If you’ve recently moved or changed phone numbers, the information on your pet’s tag may be out of date. This can make it far more difficult for an animal hospital or shelter to track you down. Unlike tags that can be lost or outdated, microchip information can be updated in just a few minutes. Even better, if you are traveling with your pet or spending the summer at a vacation residence, you can update your pet’s microchip contact information with your temporary location. There’s no need to make a new tag.

Many veterinary hospitals, including our Carlsbad Animal Hospital, will microchip pets at the same time they are spayed or neutered. However, if your pet has been previously spayed or neutered and is not microchipped, this procedure can easily be done in office.  Included in the price of your pets microchip is the cost of registration which we will take care of for you at the time of service.

To microchip your pet today, contact Carlsbad Animal Hospital today.